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How I Help You Sell Your House

The marketing plan I put into action has 1 goal:  To obtain the best offer from the right buyer for your property!  The type of property that I am selling, not to mention the nature of the market I am selling it in, can influence the exact marketing strategy I use.  But regardless…at the end of the day our marketing plan boils down to 4 key principles: Price, Presentation, Exposure, and Time.  
The pricing of your listing is crucial.  While our primary goal is to always get you top dollar, the right price will attract the right buyer.  A thorough analysis of the features and benefits (and challenges) of your property, market supply and demand, and your personal timeline all play a part in establishing our list price. 
Ensuring that your home shows in the best “light” possible, in person and online, will engage buyers.  But I do want to paint a realistic picture (no Hollywood glam shots).  Better to “undersell and over-deliver” when it comes to imagery.  Quite often I employ the use of a professional Home Design and Staging company to consult with us prior to going to market.  But the right presentation also means ensuring our listing is easily accessible for agents and buyers, not to mention having key information readily available, and key features and benefits highlighted.
You can’t sell a secret.  With a combination of full MLS (Multiple Listing Service) exposure, online and social media exposure, signage, and agent networking buyers will be VERY aware of your listing. 
Depending on the nature of the market it may take time finding the right buyer for your property.  Knowing when to keep going, or when to make any key adjustments comes down to our experience and market feedback.
What about Commission?
It takes money to make money…and to sell your home!  While I strive to, and need to, be competitive with the fees that I charge, I also need to be able to deliver results and offer value to you the seller.  It’s very easy to write a discounted commission rate on a contract to get your business, but what kind of effort, skill, and performance follow after the initial signatures?   Our experience and proven know-how will pay dividends. Remember, you don’t pay a dime until I close a deal you are satisfied with.


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