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How We Help You Sell Your House

Marketing Plan

The type of property we are selling affects some subtle differences in the marketing plan we carry out. However, regardless of the type of property we are marketing, and despite the many “new and improved” tools out there today, the successful sale of your home comes down to several KEY FACTORS.  We will HELP YOU identify the best approach to successfully sell your home!

Technological Convenience

So you’re on the road and an offer comes in.  No fax machine, No scanning machine…No Problem!  We use simple technology that allows you to electronically sign and initial documents on your device.  All you need is access to your email.  It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s effective.

Value of Your Home

Of course location, size, age, bedrooms and bathrooms all play a part in determining what the value of your home is. However, the whole can be greater than simply the sum of the parts.  That’s why it’s important to really take a close look at what we are dealing with to determine the highest obtainable value for your home!


How much money do you save if your home DOESN’T sell?  Although we will not be the lowest commission in the market place, we will be competitive and add real value in terms of SERVICE, EFFICIENCY, and OPPORTUNITY.  The commission charged can depend on various factors: what the type of property we are selling, where the property is, and what your total buying and selling picture is, can all impact the commission agreed upon.  We will HELP YOU maximize the value of any commission we earn!

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KP’s Personal Guarantee

My Personal Guarantee to Sellers

It’s real simple… We don’t get paid until the job is done!  We work on the principal of performance pay.  In other words…no up front fees, and no commission is payable until we successfully see your sale through to completion.

Apart from that We Guarantee the following:

  1. Availability and Timely Response to ALL Questions and Concerns.
  2. Initial and Ongoing Market Valuation of Your Property.
  3. Recommendations on Preparatation for Presentation.
  4. Full MLS Exposure.
  5. Online, Print, and Signage Exposure.
  6. Accurate, Relative, and Positive Description of Your Listing.
  7.    Facilitating Access to Your Property.
  8. Communication of All Showing Agent Activity.
  9. Clearly Explaining and Negotiating All Offers.
  10. Delivering of All Sales Documents to Your Lawyer for a Smooth Closing.

If these Fundamental Points are not met to Your Reasonable Expectation then You Reserve the Right to Dissolve the Listing Contract!

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