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Marketing Plan – Despite many “new and improved” tools and methods available to sell your home, my experience as a Real Estate agent has proven, time and time again, that the sale of your home comes down to 4 key factors that we absolutely have to get right to successfully sell your home.

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Cost of Selling – It takes money to make money! The typical commission that I charge is 7% of the first $100,000 of sale price, plus 3% of any sale price more than $100,000. However the commission charged can depend on various factors: what the type of property we are selling, where the property is, and what your total buying and selling picture is can all impact the commission agreed upon. Additionally, there are other costs associated with selling your home.

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What’s Your Home Worth? – Location, size, age, condition, and features all play a part in determining what the value of your home is.  But the whole can be greater than simply the sum of the parts…in other words the overall sense of space, layout, light, and total package of the house and lot affect value that isn’t always identifiable simply on paper.  That’s why to establish market value we need to walk through your home first.

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