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My first and foremost priority is always to establish and obtain the highest value for your property, whatever type of property it is (home, condo, building, land, etc).  By considering all of the key features and benefits your property has to offer, including function and locational factors, supply and demand of homes like yours, and the overall nature of the market do we arrive at an estimate of value.

But at the end of the day…Market Value is simply defined as the price a QUALIFIED BUYER is prepared to pay and a QUALIFIED SELLER is prepared to accept, with neither being under any abnormal pressure.  I can only truly realize market value then by exposing your listing on the open market.

My evaluations are freeconfidential, and I take into account your thoughts as a seller too (after all who knows your property better?).  You are under no obligation to work with me until we sign a listing agreement!

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