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What Homes We can Show You

The vast majority of SERIOUS SELLERS have their properties listed for sale with a FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE AGENT on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) market.  These are the homes we focus on.  On occasion, though, the right home may be outside the scope of MLS.  For example, an exclusive listing, private sale, or builder’s inventory of spec homes under construction.  WE HELP YOU sort through ALL of these to find the right home!

More than Showing You Homes

Choosing homes to view is just the beginning.  A big part of my job as your agent is to find the right home for you BEFORE other buyers find it, make you AWARE of any potential problems with the property, negotiate the BEST CONTRACT PRICE and TERMS.  We will HELP YOU to experience a SMOOTH PROCESS all the way through possession date.

Technological Convenience

So you’re on the road and we have to get an offer to purchase contract initialed before another offer comes in.  No fax machine, no scanning machine…No problem!  We use simple technology that allows you to electronically sign and initial documents on your device.  All you need is access to your email.  It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s effective.

Costs of Buying a Home

It DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING to work with us in finding you the right home.  In fact it can actually SAVE YOU MONEY working with us.  Although 99.9% of the time the sellers pays my commission WE WORK FOR and REPRESENT YOU!  But there are some definite costs associated with buying a home.  Closing costs can include: lawyer fees, home inspections, appraisals, tax adjustments, and more.  We will HELP YOU make sure that there are NO SURPRISE COSTS .

Getting  Prequalified

Talk to your Mortgage Broker of choice and get the financial picture first.  What is your realistic budget? Can you purchase your new home before your existing home is sold?  What are the most attractive mortgage rates and packages available?  How much down payment do you need?  Let’s answer these questions before we begin shopping and negotiating for your new home.  We can HELP YOU find the BEST MORTGAGE BROKER for you!

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